Bali Atv Ride Price

Bali Atv Ride Price

Bali is a stunning Indonesian island with a variety of natural sceneries and terrains to explore. ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) rides are one of the most popular ways for tourists to see Bali’s breathtaking scenery. If you plan to take , you should be aware of the many price points and aspects that influence the entire cost of the event.

This post will cover all you need to know about ATV ride pricing in Bali.

Factors that Influence Bali ATV Ride Rates

A number of variables can affect the price of an ATV trip in Bali. They consist of:

Length of the Ride
The duration of the ATV trip is one of the most influential determinants of the total price. ATV tours in Bali can last anything from 30 minutes and many hours. The cost increases as the duration of the journey increases.

Situating the Ride
The location of the ATV trip is an additional variable that can affect the cost. Some ATV excursions occur in distant and difficult-to-reach locations, which may necessitate additional transportation fees or specialist equipment.

Including and excluded items
The ATV ride’s contents and exclusions might also affect the pricing. Some ATV tours may include additional activities, such as a visit to a nearby village or waterfall, which might boost the price.

Group Dimensions
The price of the ATV ride might also be affected by the size of the group. Some may charge more for smaller groups.

Period of Day
The price of the ATV ride might also be affected by the time of day. Some operators provide early bird or sunset rides, which may cost more than standard daytime rides.

Typical Bali ATV Ride Costs

The price of an ATV ride in Bali can vary based on the variables listed above. A one-hour ATV trip in Bali costs between IDR 500,000 and IDR 1,200,000 (roughly $35 and $85 USD) per person on average.

Yet, it is imperative to remember that the price may be higher or lower according on the operator, location, and inclusions. Always research and compare various ATV ride operators to find the best pricing and value.

How to Obtain the Best ATV Ride Rate in Bali

Investigate and Compare Costs
Studying and comparing various ATV ride operators is the most effective strategy to obtain the best pricing and value. Compare the pricing and packages of several tour operators that provide the activities and inclusions of interest, as well as their prices.

Book in Advance
Reserving your ATV excursion in advance will help you obtain a lower rate and guarantee availability. Some operators offer discounts for early bookings or group bookings, so it is always a good idea to check for promotions.

Discuss the Price
While reserving an ATV tour in Bali, it is possible to negotiate the pricing. Some operators may be willing to negotiate, particularly during the off-season or for large groups.

Examine for Hidden Fees
Check for any hidden costs, such as transportation fees, taxes, or equipment rental fees, before reserving your ATV ride. To avoid unpleasant surprises in the future, it is usually preferable to have a thorough idea of the overall cost up front.


A Bali ATV ride is a thrilling and adventurous way to see the island’s breathtaking landscape and natural splendor. Knowing the aspects that determine the overall cost of the experience and following the aforementioned suggestions can assist you in finding the best pricing and value. Whether you’re searching for a quick ride or an all-day excursion, Bali offers a variety of ATV ride companies.